Looks like the Japanese Yen is on another gradual slide, making USD and EUR stronger

Looking good! This means auction values are gradually lowering. Good time to buy if you’ve been on the fence.

Looking back across just 10 years, the highest point of strength for USD to JPY was late 2022. But in early February 2024 a new high was reached. 151.6 JPY to 1 USD. It started a rather rapid drop-off from there, slipping by 10, but is now rebounding.

10 years ago (2014), it was 101 JPY to 1 USD. So that’s about a 50% increase in currency strength for the USD.

The worst time to be a buyer of Japanese auctions in the USA was 2012, where at the lowest point the JPY was 76 to 1 USD! And still painful were the years before, back down to 2009. Just prior to the housing market crash in late 2008, it was over 100 JPY to 1 USD. Today an equivalent item selling for about the same JPY selling price back in 2012 would be over 50% cheaper now.

We are in a phenomenal time now. Who knows how long it will last? Will we even see a new high towards the end of 2024?


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Its been tough, when I started my job here in early 2021, the war had not started and the conversion rate was stable. Also the cost of energy, food and other goods was steady for years, but recently its all gone up significantly. At the same time the salaries have remained static. I think if I had a family or supporting another person I would have had absolutely zero Yen to spare for my hobby. Wish I was earning USD in Japan, that is literally the best case scenario.

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Pencils prices did go up significantly though… it probably would have been much cheaper to be a collector a couple years back still. Man I should’ve had this hobby earlier :joy: