Let’s do the twist

OHTO surprises with its Twist needle point pen NBP-15RW-T featuring a spiral cut rosewood body. There is (was) a companion design called Wave with an… uglier take on the contouring. Based on the refill, this seems to be from around 2013.

For a matching pencil, it had to be the Wörther Spiral. Honestly, the Schmidt mechanism and kludgy button are nothing to talk about. But I can’t fault them on the machining… hope they’ll still be around. Unfortunately, as Stu has pointed out, Wörther’s site seems to have gone defunct. A check on the Internet Archive says it was last functional in 2023. Sigh.


I have the Wörther slight, which is a twist mechanism. It’s very well made, and more comfortable than it looks, but i wouldn’t call it a daily driver (especially with a lead thickness of 1.18 mm).

Sadly, it looks like Wörther is no more :frowning:


Arghhh. Cursed me. It’s another case of USUS… :frowning:


I love my silver Slight… the only silly thing on it is the text alignment on the back of the hex ‘plug’.

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Oh, another case of a pencil sitting since ages on my buy list and now staying there for all times …

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Wörtherless :pensive: