Lamy Studio Multisystem

I’m not sure about the name Lamy used for this model. Maybe multisystem or duo since those are the terms they tend to use for these pen/pencil pairs. In any case I found this one in an old stationery shop in Spain, there was one in silver as well. They told me they discontinued them in 2013. The clip of the lamy studio is quite iconic, I had considered picking up a FP for a while but I didn’t think it was worth the sticker price. The rollerball shape I don’t really like, so when I found this one it was love at first sight.

Checking the of lamy’s website reveals several color variations for this model, however it’s listed as a pen with no mention to the mechanical pencil. Maybe it was an even older model that isn’t in there? They told me the MSRP on these is 41€ while lamy’s website had 38€ for the ones with the same shape as mine.

The feel is quite mechanic, the twist mechanism has very nice feeling clicks when used. The tip has some wobble when writing with the MP, not much when using the lamy BP refills. That’s always annoying but I’m used to that on double knocks/multipens. Probably my biggest gripe is that I can’t use the twist mechanism to advance lead one-handed, while I can use it to change from MP to BP. It’s just too hard! I have to use both hands. The Pilot Fumi Raku can be handled one handed for all functions so I think that’s something they could have adjusted better.

As for the design, I absolutely love the clip and the matte finish on the body, as well as the thickness of the pen. Compared to the tombow zoom C1, the grip is a bit thicker due to the tip shape, less gradual than in the C1. I’m a bit conflicted about the design language though, the tip and clip shapes don’t match at all in my opinion. I’m sure there was a more “fluid” or “organic” shape for the tip to match that beautiful clip. All pencils which I could reasonably compare this one to (C1, fumi raku, lamy 2000) have a much more coherent design.

Overall if you can find it for around MSRP, it’s a lovely multipen and one of my favourite lamy designs.


I agree, that clip on the Studio is gorgeous. Modern art. Starts out in one plane and then morphs into a 90 degree orientation. I’d gone back and forth on buying the fountain pen for some years. I really like the 2-tone nib, but it’s super expensive, over the plain steel nib.

Anyway, I’d no idea there was a duo pen in this lineup. Very interesting to see!


I wonder if we have any lamy experts around. I think that linus uploaded a few lamy catalogs so I should check them when I have time and see when this model was first made.

I agree that the 2 tone nib looks very cool. I’ve been debating whether to buy a lamy dialog 3/cc just for the nib but I can’t get over the fact that the pen looks like a vape (+ there seems to be some ink drying issues I’ve read). The gold nib alone is 100 bucks so even in a “basic” pen like the studio, the cost skyrockets.


I wouldn’t get the Dialog 3 fountain pen. I don’t know if they’ve fixed all the problems, but there were reports for a few years after release. Mechanism getting stuck. And yes, premature drying out. I also don’t like the look of it. Just one long straight “capsule-tube.” Boring!