Lamy design 20 series

Ever get the feeling that vintage Lamy had more to offer than the 2000 and cp1? The design 20 series was an attempt to make pens for a younger audience in the 1970s, and I think of it as the link between the start of the modern 2000 era and the plastic appeal of the 80s Safari era.

I started with the Model 125 pencil. Very nice construction with hairline steel lower for stability and a black 2000-style textured plastic upper. The 0.5mm tip is a slide pipe and the click feels nice, if a bit muted.

I found the model 225 ballpoint later and it comes in a glossy mustard yellow top. The refill is a standard, unloved M16. Nice clicker action, just a touch lighter than most Jotters.

Some day I hope to find more colors of the 125 and 225…


Pairing up my Lamy 225 with a Pilot S10 and classic KIN 5617…