Lamy cp1 (or Lamy 150?)

Lamy is not too often seen here, so here we have 3 cylindrical pencils cp1 (or are those 150s?):

There are (and I have) more variants (dark grey, …), but I didn’t find them … At least one model is still produced by Lamy. On the photo all are vintage: stainless steel, silver plated and sterling.

I intended to assemble a few Geha InStyles (Geha is probably not very known internationally?), but the search for the cp1s took too much time – so this will follow sometimes … During my search I stumbled over a red Newman 500 (maybe only blue is so expensive?) Newmen | Some Newman (and at least one Tombow) | 2nd_astronaut | Flickr


Geha. Now there’s a name I don’t hear much any more these days. The only venue that made me aware of it was FPN, discussing Geha fountain pens. One person there is so enamored with them, she made her account name “Gehaha.” :joy:

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Yes, Geha was bought by Pelikan quite some time ago. Here and in my age group everyone knows Geha: all pupils learn(ed?) writing with a fountain pen, and the average pupil had a Pelikan Pelicano, while the richer or stylisher used a Lamy Safari, and who wanted or had to save a bit got a Geha. All three had different ink cartridges, so you could only help out others in your product group :smiley:


I wanted to write more to the cp1 but had no time anymore because of the odd searching …

As always with Lamy, the designer of the pencil (of course it’s a writing instruments family, not a dedicated MP design) is known: Gerd A. Müller, who also designed the Lamy 2000 (and is more well-known as designer at Braun).

There were a number of more precious variants, obviously the silver plated and solid versions in the photo, but there were more: a twin pen with titanium oxide coating (maybe I took a photo previously of this one), a platinized pencil and (but now things get sketchy) two kind of vermeil versions (gold and white-gold).

I am not sure if it’s an official name or only a collector’s designation: another well-known “cylindrical pen” came from Porsche Design. The similarities are not so significant, maybe the (springed) massive clip is a relationship.


Gerd Müller! Yes, the designer of the iconic LAMY 2000. I didn’t realize he did the CP1 as well.


I had Gerd Müller soccer cleats back in high school. A different Gerd Müller I think. This one was a famous football star.


I guess Bomber-Gerd was the reason, that the other Gerd Müller usually is written with a middle initial (a habit quite uncommon here).

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Here is my comparison of the German pen clips:

German clip ends


Cool! My feeling was not false, that the PD and CP1 clips are quite similar.