Lamy Catalogs (summary)

Shortly after I scanned my Lamy catalog, I happened to find that most of the content shared by JF_LAMY Collection on was no longer valid, so I decided to simply use this post as a summary link, most of the content is shared by others on the Internet and I will not specify.
Lamy Catalogs


The official catalog is listed in the folder, and the third-party catalog is also uploaded in the root directory, most of which are from ‘THE PEN CATALOG’ published by Japan Imported Pen Association every year
Catalogs from 2007 to present are not uploaded as they are all easily searchable online.I don’t want to take up too much space.
Lamy is not a brand closely related to pencil, and there are already a number of resources available online, so I will only post one summary link. If we get more catalogs someday, they will also be uploaded here, and I will adopt similar practices for other brands in the future.