Kututoga Dive goes on sale in Japan today

KT Dive web page

Does anyone here know of any Japanese retailers that have an English web page and may be selling these soon?

At the risk of sounding like an idiot…

Where was the KuruToga Dive on sale prior to now?

(I thought Japan was the only place it had been sold at this point.)

Well you got me there :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I guess that was a stupid question.

I’m just trying to get my hands on one of the new colors.

I’m assuming that since these won’t be a limited release, they may be a little more accessible to the general public.

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I am operating under the assumption that every major new mechanical pencil release is only available in Japan.

Occasionally, established items will trickle over to us, such as with the Pilot S20 or Uni ⍺ gel series. But for the most part, it’s Japan and maybe Hong Kong or Singapore.

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Also Taiwan and South Korea. SK gets it’s fair share of exclusives.


I found this store online that is selling new models for less than $50USD plus $24 fedex shipping