Kuru Toga Metal

Now this looks sharp! Anybody has more pics of the upcoming Kuru Toga Metal?


source: @drifand @ reddit/r/sharppencils


The indicator window next to the “0.5” suggests this one might have a KT mechanism that can be turned off, a la the Switch.

If true, this would be an insta-buy…


Finally!!! The so much desired metal variant <3
Mechanism switch also would be a nice feature, I agree.

PS What’s this Reddit sub? Seems to be more a blog of one user?

Now I want all of them Lol.

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Never quite understood why a 05 needs to be sharpened automatically to write like a 03… but hey it’s a free world — and I want it too!

hmm, on a second thought, makes complete sense if you write with Chinese/Japanese characters: it’s a stronger lead (05) that makes thinner lines (03, 02) also allowing to use softer leads (B+)

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I believe r/sharppencils is dedicated to current releases from Japan only. As such I think of it more as a news channel.


I think it’s the same engine indicator from the KS model so no “hold” mode.


No, it’s just a metal body version of M5-KS


So, it’s like one of those smart jackets :slight_smile:

Do I see 2500 yen in there? in the old days that would be a flagship model

Ouch… 2500 yen. Let’s see if it’s better than the thin sheets used in the Advance Upgrade’s punch grip.

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