Knurled drafting pencils

Here are my drafting pencils. I use these when a ruler, T Square
or stencil is involved.

Left to right:

Rotring 800 in 0.7mm

Rotring 600 in 0.5mm

Rotring 500 - 0.5mm

Ohto Suoer Promecha 0.3mm

Ohto Conception 0.5mm

Platinum Pro use 171 -blue 0.3mm

Platinum Pro Use 171 black 0.3mm

Muji low center of gravity 0.5

Of all these I like the knurling on my Spoke 6 the best.

The snork system on the Pro-Use 171 is interesting but I get better results with 0.3 using my Orenz or Orenz Nero.
It’s a good second, but I’m only showing my knurled grip drafting pencils here.


The 171 always felt a bit out of place for a Platinum MP. It didn’t have any real carry over from the previous generation except for the styling of the name. I felt, it should have gone with a non-knurled grip, like its predecessors, in order to retain a differentiated identity. Honestly, it feels more like an Ohto!

The thickness and weight also feels a bit off for 0.3. In contrast, the even thicker Pro Use 1500 is quite nimble in use.

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I agree that the 171 is out of character with the rest of Platinum’s offerings, but I also think it’s the best pencil they’ve ever made :woman_shrugging:t5:

I have noticed that on both of my Pro-Use 171s, the snork system will “disengage” - seems that I am always having to twist the barrel to lock it back on when i first pick it up. Anyone else have that problem?


I’ve not experienced that problem, but I’ve also barely used my 171s.

Hmmm… my Platinum Z and MSD-1500 might disagree with you there!


lol, forgot about both of those and the BEElines. The chevron Angle is pretty slick, too.


To be fair, the knurling on the 171 is probably the softest knurling I’ve ever felt!

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