Knockology, a bad influence

I started picking up some Pentel 5’s a little while ago because of this forum. But now, my most expensive pencil to date, the Hi-Uni M3-2050. It seems to be a very nice specimen with box and pamphlet.

What have been your “peer pressured” purchases since joining Knockology?


For me, it was love at first sight when I saw the PILOT H-200x and H-300x. These are probably my favorite in my collection.


I never recognized, that they got the patterns wrong :smiley: you ordered in the correct way, but you had to flip 3005 and 3003 …


Hi uni 2050,3050,mechanica .5mm,Newman super2

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The Manufactum. And I regret it zero!


The Manufactum is magnificent


Personally, if Knockology is a bad influence, then @drifand is the devil himself. Curse him and his tasteful curation, his dramatic photography and his witty titles.


Speaking of Manufactum, I helped spread awareness of it with the brass model I’d picked up a while back. And thankfully @drifand chiming in with his together, I think enough of an impression was made to rally strong interest. Then, @Stu and @Knockologist came through helping to facilitate a group buy. I think it was the first international group-buy done on Knockology. Really great folks here all around!

My collecting drive for pencils is just about over, for the heavy hitters (sought after competitive models). We’re lucky to have a strong exchange rate (USD to JPY), but unfortunately a surge in collector interest has driven prices up, weakening that currency rate advantage. Plus, some sellers have taken to playing games (bait & switch, or outright fraud) knowing that us proxy service bidders can’t leave feedback for sellers. I’ve pretty much given up on a number of models that I deem too far out of reach now. But still keeping an eye out for a few “low on the radar” ones that I hope to nab in the future.