Just received from Singapore

I just received some pencils from SingaporeMechanicalPencils, purchasing them off the Facebook group “Mechanical Pencils Collectors sales & trades”.

The top is a PC365 Clicsharp; middle is a PC215 Rolly and the bottom is the PX22 (0.5mm) Excalibur.

I purchased the PX22 to put in my pen/pencil roll in my backpack. It is my favorite of the SG/Excalibur Crown style pencils. I just love the gloss black and gold trim.

I purchased the PC215 because I had never seen that color before, and this model (& the PC265) of the Rolly/Clicsharp is my favorite.

I picked up the PC365, because I did not have one of those, although I do have the PC315 Rolly in black w/ gold stripes.

He also sent me a pen & pencil set that I don’t recognize and can’t find a make on.


Holy moly! That blue PC215 !!

I deleted my Facebook account 10 years ago. Looks like I’m missing out on a lot of mechanical pencil culture and opportunities by not being on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. But after working for them there is no way will I use their services but DAMN.


Those ROLLYs are legendary! Very jealous. (Elton gave me shit when I didn’t want any of his pencils that were over $100, so I’m salty, too.)

Anyway, I think the gold specimens are from Morison. The only thing throwing me off is the tip on the MP, which screams Platinum (but I know Morison basically knocked off all the major OEMs, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they mimicked the Platinum tip).


I will probably end up giving that gold set to my wife.


I have very similar pencils from Morison and Ohto. But I believe both have the company name on the middle ring (for sure the Ohto has).

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Elton offers a Rotring Tikky Automatic LS at the moment, which is not cheap, but not too expensive in my opinion (with shipping from Singapore it’s too expensive for me, tho).

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