Just a few recent acquisitions huddled together

OHTO FLAT-C, a capless BP/RB pen that takes OHTO dry-fast gel refills (they’re decent).
OHTO ProMecha 1000M in 0.4 mm (has pipe guide length control)
Staedtler 925-95 0.5 mm Regulator
Faber Castell TK-matic L (9725) - 2nd one added to collection
TOMBOW SH-1500LP 0.3 mm - took me quite a while to finally grab one

Out of the bunch, the Faber Castell TK-matic L weighs the most and feels a bit more premium. But the TOMBOW SH-1500LP is the real beauty here. I love that tapered “stinger missile” design (and yes, this has the wrong clip – a substitute with TOMBOW branding is on its way to me).

The FLAT-C is the only pen here and I included it because it has really grown on me. The knurling is nicely done. I just love how it has this retractable mechanical pencil look about it. Also, the unobtrusive clip is nice and stealthy. Lastly, the click mechanism feels so accurate and stops precisely without any undue force. Just a great pen. I hope OHTO keeps making compatible refills! You can use a variety of Parker-style G2 refills, but they tend to extend a few mm longer and kind of spoil the look of it when extended.


that TOMBOW SH-1500LP is amazing looking!

what style is this? looks similar to the Uchida drawling sharps


Yes, it has a profile resemblance to a Uchida Drawing Sharp KN. Of course, without the more elaborate colorways or fanciful grip. To my eye, the 0.3 mm is more appealing, as the lead selector on the 0.5 mm is black, which has a notable contrast to the rest of the body. From what I can tell, that selector ring is made of metal, as examples with the black ones sometimes show wear to it (raw metal underneath).