Japanese Translations

Prompted by the question @pearsonified asked about the Showa translation, I have posted in my public Pentel Catalog directory a file called “_Japanese Translations.xlsx” that has about 70 lines of translations (some are very close) that I have collected over the years.

I use this a bunch in my searches overseas. I figured I would offer it up to everyone.


This. Is. Awesome.

You’re a rockstar.


Fantastic! Is the Japanese term for “summary” in there? I find this to be extremely fruitful on Mercari, especially for those who are just starting to build out their collections.


No, that is not in there. I have never had a use for it, so I never collected it.

If you can find an auction that has that in it, I should be able to pull it out, and add it to the sheet.


Here’s the most effective variant of “double knock” I’ve found: ダブルノック

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“Double Knock” has been added to the spreadsheet in the Catalog folder.


Here’s “Showa retro”: 昭和レトロ

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can you post the URL to this?


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I don’t know if this is due to a display error, but it doesn’t look right on line 19 of the table,⽅年 Kerry Name
If you’re talking about something like P1135,P2135,it’s Japanese name should be 万年CIL (btw,fountain pen → 万年筆,it got its name from here,万年 means 10 thousand years in Chinese); and name of Kerry is 万年CIL《ケリー》


I could add a few more,
It’s enough to use シャープペン and シャーペン in most time when you want to use mechanical pencil as a search term
catalog カタログ,in few cases,型録 目錄
pn3015 technomatic テクノマチック
excalibur エクスキャリバー
pn105 technoclic テクノクリック
pn55 technopress テクノプレス
scepter セプター
pop’npop ポップンポップ
home run(name for PBS1) ホームラン

These are some additions to Pentel’s product name. If you need translations of other brands or products, I can also provide them


Hey @Linus2K - Thank you


Hey @Linus2K ! Welcome to the club! How’d you hear about us?

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I think it was image search that brought me here. There were fragments of Pentel’s catalog from the '80s floating around the Internet a long time ago, yesterday I was trying to find the full version,and then I came across this site.After a while I found
that it seems to be a lot more lively than I expected hhh.


I’ve been collecting catalogs, instructions, patent documents, and picture materials and books for a while, and the model of this site looks like what I want.
I’ll share a few when I’ve figured out a few things about posting and browsing.


You’re in the right spot. We’ve got quite a few avid Pentel fans here.

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Do you know of other Pentel catalogs that are not in my catalog directory?

Do you know any other information on the Pop’npops from the 1980’s?

I don’t have any more complete ones, just a few incomplete catalog clips.I’ll send it when I get it sorted

No, they do have a lot of interesting products but I didn’t pay much attention to it