Jaguar 0,5 info needed

This is supposed to be a Jaguar 0,5, you can still barely see the black print on the barrel. Back in winter I posted it on Reddit, someone said Jaguar was a sub-brand of Mitsubishi. I would appreciate any more info, did it came in other sizes and colors?


Fairly certain this is a Korean Pilot and not a Mitsubishi Jaguar.

The circular mark near the end cap is something I’ve only seen on Pilot pieces designed for the Korean market. (It’a K inside circular arrows).


It’s a very strange example. The coating on the barrel looks like some intentional texture at first, but then seeing the decay of the labeling has me wondering if the “texture” was not original. Also, that clip looks very odd to me, not something I’ve seen on PILOT or Mitsubishi.


The texture is intentional. I have a silver version of this pencil.
And yes, I also think it’s pilot Korea – the logo is clearly visible.


Well, if you say its a Pilot, edited the thread and re-tagged it as Pilot.

Cytherian, the texture of the barrel is smooth, clear plastic. The brass looking thing, which I also suspect to be plastic, is behind it.

2nd_astronaut, can you post a photo of the silver one?

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photo might follow, but not in near future (I have no clue where the pencil is) …


That sounds like a problem. I’m here if you need to purge some.