It was all going so well

Hopefully I’m not alone in what I’m about to share.

I had a dream. I was in a stationery shop, checking out the new pencils. As you do. On this occasion, I came across a new Pentel Clic drop. Not NOS. An actual, completely new design. Designs as a matter of fact. I then spent considerable dream time ensuring I had one of each of the new variants. Then I wondered whether I should get duplicates. Then I checked with the shop assistant if there were any I had missed. Then I thought about how I was going to share my discovery with you fine people.

Sadly, that was where the dream ended.

PS. There were no rubber grips.


Just gotta wait 2-3 years. They’ll bring back the original PD345 in new solid and transparent colors for the 50th anniversary.

At least that’s my prediction. :eyes: :shushing_face:


It’s a fair bet, given what they’ve done with the kerry and the p200, but aren’t they models that are still in production?


When you want something in life do you list the reasons why it will happen or why it won’t happen?


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That depends on how optimistic I am about my chances of it happening.

For example, I’d love to win $200 million in the lotto on Thursday, but I know that mathematically it’s extremely unlikely and I can’t just think positively to make it happen.

Happy to keep my fingers crossed though!

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I am completely, glass overflowing, optimistic about this. In fact, my socks are wet.

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In that case, how many do you think you’ll buy? A couple of sets?

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I will wait for about 25 years then try to acquire them. That’s what we do, right? :slight_smile:


That will never happen, just like the yellow R600.

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We do, but with this one, I’ll make an exception.

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