Is this even real? Pentel B1000? What say you, Riley181?

Here’s what I believe is a mix and match to form a hybrid design. I am aware that there is a green Smash B1000 Ball Point, but it is solid green for the whole of the pen and has rubber nubs on the grip as Smashes have. This one appears to have had the grip replaced by a Pentel Person’s PB6 (cousin to the PQ6) that is void of the rubber nubs. Can anyone confirm my suspicions or educate me otherwise?


Your guess seems correct to me, but @Riley181 is probably a better expert on the Smash than I am.

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There is a limited edition green with a black grip but it of course has rubber nubs.

This is either a parts swap or some photoshopping.

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any chance you have a pic of the green/black one?

Yup. But this isn’t the exact same one in your photo. I was just saying that there is a green and black one.

I’m sticking with a photoshop job.

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we’re talking about the Smash B1000 Ink pen, not Smash pencils

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I agree with everyone else that this is a Frankenstein. I have a couple of the green ballpoint pens (see first post on “Another delivery” - Apr 4). I have seen a handful of others listed recently that are homemade customs by switching parts around. It makes that much tougher to pick out the new releases by sight alone.