Is there a way to search Mercari with a keyword set criteria?

On eBay and Yahoo Japan you can use parentheses and commas to employ keyword set criteria. For example: (PILOT, パイロット) ← search will employ them to bring up auctions having either word. If you use both keywords without punctuation, then it’ll be auctions that use both words and you’ll miss ones that use one or the other only.

I’ve not been able to figure out how to use this kind of criteria on Mercari. The syntax accepted by Yahoo Japan and eBay doesn’t work. Is it possible somehow?


So there’s two ways you can do this:
Way 1:
Go to a product page and hit this category or just the rightmost category

Then you should see something like this which allows you to select a brand

This method makes serarching really convenient but you are bound to miss some results.

The other method:

Just go down to the 4th option and type in the name of the brand. This option is pretty good but the brand selection can be limited and not all writing instruments are in one place. Also, getting just Mitsubishi pencils is janky this way because it’s hard to separate the pencils from other products.


Thanks for the advice on Mercari searching. Those are useful tips.

The one I was really most interested in is searching on a brand within a specific category and then item names with some variances (because sometimes people spell things differently). Mercari apparently has NO advanced search feature. It’s just straight criteria. Nothing else.

Also, there doesn’t appear to be any way to do this kind of searching on via Google. What I’ve resorted to doing is making a search with all of the criteria options I want, and then I just selectively remove criteria to tailor the results. I then back up and prune the criteria differently. That’s cumbersome, but at least workable.