Is the black and gold SG the SG15?

What’s the model number for this variant?

(And is the silver 0.3 version the SG33?)

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The matte black and gold is indeed the SG15.

The silver 0.3 is SG33 but also known as the SV33 in Japan.

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Black and Gold striped?


Gold with black stripes is SG75.


Thanks. I have seen a few variants of this. Did Pentel OEM the SG75 for other brands? I have an example that has no branding on it.

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If you are talking about the one from the 1970 Japanese One-Sheet, then I am saying that that is the SG. That pencil is not the same size as any other SG style pencil, and the box is marked as Sharp Gold.

If you are referring to the later one marked with a 5, then that is the SG15,


Actually, the 0.3mm Silver is just SV or SG33.