International Dog Day

Today is International Dog Day.

Here are my three doggos from left to right: Jack, Molly, and Hatchi.


What breeds are they? They look so cute


OK, you’ve gotta give us the lowdown on their personalities. How they are alone with you and with the pack. I’m guessing Molly is the best behaved of the bunch. And Jack is a little stinker, always looking to make a little “good” trouble. :thinking::smirk::smile:


Jack is a Jack Russell Terrier, Molly a German Shepherd-Husky mix, and Hatchi is a Husky.

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Hahaha, good guess. Molly’s the youngest and the trouble maker out of the three. We have to keep an eye out on her, or she’ll pick a fight with Hatchi and ultimately kill him. Before knowing this, there’ve been multiple times during the early morning hours around 00-04 that I wake up and have to separate the two from a fight, and it gets bloody. Yikes! I love Molly, but ever since those fights, she’s got to be in a cage separate during the night in the shop to prevent another one from happening. She’s quite the handful at times…

Jack is the friendly one. Even through he’s the oldest of the three, there’s not a time he doesn’t want to interact with you. He’ll bring you baseballs, stuffed toys, sticks for you to play with him. The hyper doesn’t leave. If it’s not playing with him, he’ll sit at your feet asking for a pet or show you his belly for a rub. No problems with this feller. =)

Hatchi’s personality is unique. He DOESN’T like fetching for sticks or balls. He doesn’t like getting muddy like Molly and be all up on you like Jack is. Hatchi just does his own thing, but wants to be FIRST at everything. When he leaves the door, he wants to be first. When the three are going for a walk, he’s up there leading. Did I mention he howls too? When someone walks on the road in front of the house, while Jack and Molly bark, Hatchi starts howling and everyone follows. It throws off the neighbors when they hear them all, hahaha.


Hatchi sounds like every other Husky :joy:. Very loud, very chaotic, and very stubborn.


Quite a trio!
Yeah, it’s hard to really know from a photo. That’s quite a situation with Molly. But good to know you’ve worked it all out. Jack sounds like a loyal companion. But yeah, a dog that needs to be around you all the time, no breaks… can be a bit much. I take it he waits outside the bathroom door for you? Sleeps on the bed or can you get him to sleep in a dog bed on the floor?
Hatchi sounds like classic Husky. They want to lead and to lead, you got to be first. :dog::joy_cat:


Yes Jack is the way you describe him, very loyal. There’ve been the few times he’s annoying because, well, he doesn’t leave you alone. :joy: We don’t let any dogs on our bed, so we leave him outside to sleep.


So Molly will go into her crate at night and does Hatchi and Jack sleep in their own beds in another room? Do the two of them get along well? Or is it that Jack reads Hatchi and knows “leave him alone, he doesn’t like to be bothered?”

Funny, in the photo, looks like Jack and Molly were OK to pose for the photo while Hatchi looks ready to start howling. :joy:

Hatchi is a husky, he doesn’t sleep :joy:
I used to have a neighbor who owned a beautiful siberian husky. It was actually quite well trained, it took commands well. And it didnt howl much… for a husky. Nights weren’t easy at first but we just got used to it

Howling enough to keep you up… eh. Not fun! Sleep needs to be undisturbed. Nice solid 7 to 8 hours, so you get into that deep sleep phase for a healthy contiguous stretch.

Did the neighbor let you spend much time with their dog? I used to have a neighbor with a jet black Pomeranian who was an energy dynamo. Go-go-go. He had a tough time settling down. Zorro was his name. Anyway, I became good friends with my neighbors and occasionally I’d relieve them of Zorro duty by taking him on some nice long neighborhood walks. I have to admit, it was a little self-serving. I love dogs, but have just never had the right living circumstances to make it feasible. Plus, they’re… “chick magnets.” And yes, i did end up meeting a few women from the neighborhood by walking Zorro. Unfortunately they were all either married, engaged, or in a serious committed relationship. But it was worth a shot.

I did get to spend time with the Husky! Every evening, while my friends and I were playing outside, we would to our neighbor’s backyard and spend time with him. Keep in mind this is around when I was 6-7, before they moved out, so I can’t recall his name.

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That’s great. Most dogs love kids naturally.
We had a neighborhood dog, a chocolate brown mutt with white paws. He’d come over and watch us kids playing. Then when there was a pause, he’d nuzzle in to get some petting. And whoever had a leg out? He’d latch on and start humping away. It’s why we named him Friskie. :joy:

Haha I believe all dogs just have that reflex, the dogs I got to know well did that. I will say most dogs are just very excited like a husky when meeting someone new, bur some dogs are terrifying :rofl:. I had a huge fear of greyhounds because they are insanely strong.