In a sad rut at the moment

Broke my wrist Friday evening. Feel as though Ive been injured and prohibited from playing a sport, ha.

Can’t really write, unfortunately all my pencils are too thin for me to grip them, and twisting my wrist in a cast is painful enough.

Makes me sad. Also prohibits me from snowboarding, most any academics involving writing, playing soccer.

Hopefully I come back with even more interest in Pencils. Maybe this break will give me a chance to reconsider my financial spending on pens and pencils…


Bummer! I’ve been there.

You’ll probably spend more money on pens and pencils while you heal. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I wish you a speedy recovery!


Most Likely! I find when i don’t have anything to actively do I end up doing precisely that…

Maybe you can take up writing with hour other hand. If you are a lefty, learning to write with your right hand could open up the door to using fountain pens properly.

I broke so many bones in college doing various board sports that people were genuinely surprised the times I was not wearing a cast or brace. My notebooks were filled with sloppy notes written with my other hand. Unfortunately, though I developed decent legibility and dexterity with my right hand, I always abandoned it when my left regained strength.


Right handed, so writing with my (very poor) left will just end with lots of smudging. But good idea! may as well suck up some time with trying to learn with my left