I'm a cereal guy, and here's my weapon of choice

I enjoy all kinds of foods for breakfast. Including pizza (:joy:), when the opportunity presents itself.

But one of my greatest breaking fast joys is cereal. I have a whole routine of combining all kinds of different cereals together, adorned with dried fruits, seeds, nuts, fresh fruit, and banana. To enjoy this highly stacked meal, I usually have it in a deep bowl… but the last but not least essential is a good spoon.

Every household in the industrialized world has flatware. Gotta have your forks, spoons, and knives with which to eat. But when you get a set of flatware, there’s no way to select different designs within the group. You love the forks, but the knives and spoons are “meh.” Or the reverse. Well, I am one who is NOT dedicated to using the spoons that came with my flatware. The ones I have are OK. Usable for sure. But… I once by chance came across a flatware set that caught my eye. The brand is Dansk and the model line is Parallel Diamond. Now, their knives are pretty good, but their forks are not quite to my liking. The shape and thickness doesn’t appeal to me. But the spoon? Divine. It’s gorgeous. I love the shape of it, the weight, and the tapered thickness. Everything about it makes it the ultimate cereal spoon.

So without further delay, here it is:

Do you think I’m nuts? :joy:


Do you think I’m nuts?

Yeah, but we already thought you were nuts from before (nice spoon btw).


Now that looks like a spoon I can enjoy.

Being a Cajun, we have special gumbo spoons that are way more comfortable and enjoyable to use. I use them for soups and cereals, not just gumbo.

Your spoons are something I must procure for myself.


Busted. I am a fellow cereal (and gumbo) enthusiast for sure. A few years ago I picked up some special spoons, plates and bowls for an Asian themed dinner party we were having and ever since, spoons like this below have been my “go to” implement for shoveling cereal.

That is a neat looking spoon BTW. We were gifted a big set of something for our wedding but it may be time to upgrade :roll_eyes:


I have extras. I can make a listing for 'em. Will post when I’m back home. :blush:

And yep, I use this style spoon for soups as well. Works great! The curvature makes it very ergonomic for sipping hot stuff.


This is too funny. I can’t go to bed without having a bowl of cereal… doesn’t matter the time.



Nice minicar under the spoon. Do you collect any die cast?


It’s quite a tale… at present, I’m not actively collecting diecast cars, but I did for a long stretch.

I really liked Matchbox (Lesney) cars, but the 1:64 scale always felt a bit disappointing because of the inherent lack of detail. 1:43 scale was more my speed. And in my day, the go-to brand for that was Corgi (UK). When I was a kid, I’d ride by stingray bicycle to the stationery store a town over from mine, where they had a regular showcase of gorgeous Corgi cars. I didn’t have much of a budget, so I’d save up for models I wanted. A Porsche 911 Targa, a Mercedes 350 SL Coupe, a Rover TC2000 with transparent sunroof and boot mounted spare, a Land Rover pickup truck with winding tow hook, an Iso Grifo, etc. Nice detail. Opening doors and hoods. I had good fun with them and was also fairly careful with them… but unfortunately they all have suffered paint chips to various extents, though still look nice.

Years later, I came to know Paul’s Model Arts / Minichamps, Schucco, Kyosho, and a few others, which inspired me to buy diecast cars as an adult. Fantastic detail, but no moving parts other than wheels. Overall, I was good about not going overboard, though. After a time I stopped and most of them are tucked away in a box.

On a whim, I checked out some of the latest Matchbox cars. New manufacturing tech has afforded very impressive detail now. But, they have skimped somewhat. Bottom chassis is no longer steel, but hard plastic instead. The SUV you see above is a Ford Bronco, the new style. The ribbed roof makes it great for displaying pens and other things to keep from rolling off. So I picked that up, plus an Audi Quattro (1984 model). Heck, for $1.25 at the Dollar Store, hard to beat. :joy:

Do you collect any diecast cars?


Interesting story. I am happy to see any minicars here at all. I collect hot wheels and matchbox and like you correctly said although the 64th scale is not the best for details I still love them dearly. Only recently I slowed down and decided to focus more on the mp front.


Oh man. My wife collects bowls and cutlery like I do with my pens and pencils. It gets frustrating when trying to set the table… rummaging thru a bunch of forks, knives and spoons to find the matching ones. Not fun.