If only I could go back…

I used the original QC in college and thought it was only available in transparent colors: blue, smoke (grey), and red. (For that last one, I actually thought it was pink and didn’t know it was designated officially as “red” until over a decade later.) I was super excited when I discovered the transparent yellow and green pencils in a couple of local shops. At just under $8 each after tax, I couldn’t afford more than one of each. (I would visit those stores often just to look at the pencils!)

Unfortunately, within the next couple years, Pentel decided to add the rubber grip to my beloved Quicker Clicker. (At that time I was very lucky to find a couple 3-packs of the originals at Staples.)

I had no idea about the solid color original QC pencils until years and years after that. And it was only a few years ago that I learned about the elusive solid white QC pencil. (It’s also about the journey, right?)

I have recently come across a special order Pentel catalog from 1996 showing what they had available at that time. If I would have known then about this catalog, what would I have done back then? (Sadly, probably not much because I was a broke graduating college student!)


Yeah I think you and I have pretty much the same exact story.

All of the white ones floating around have promotional logos on them, or the promo printing has been stripped off.

We haven’t come across unmarked leftover white ones yet. It’ll happen. No doubt.


The only ones I’ve seen are those from which you got one. (I had no idea about the advertising on it until your video.) Mine came without any advertising on it and I can’t see any traces of any advertising on it. I’ve seen a box of unmarked P225W pencils, so maybe some boxes of unmarked PD345W pencils are out there!


I’ve never seen this either. Like you, I probably would not have been able to do much with it anyway. Thanks for posting it.

Interesting about the advertising being removed.


I have a box of unmarked P225W

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Ohhh I’m jelly. I have a marked 225w.

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