I am not MONO-topical ;-)

Fished out my Tombow MONOtech and 7ELEVEn x STARCK scissors to go with the pair of CDTs in my office.

Most comfortable? The MONOtech with its ergo grips.

Coolest looking? The STARCK has plenty of ‘Juicy Salif’ here…

Most solid feeling? The CDT is high carbon steel through and through.


So cool.


Love seeing these. For me, the STARCK gets the prize.

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Welcome @Ok-Satisfaction3135 ! Nice to have you here.


Hey, thank you. stoked to be here. sorry but I was a little intro shy.


It all started with the STARCK MEC PEN 0.5… I’m still missing a couple items from that collab but I’m pretty happy with the ones ai managed to find.


They are so cool!!!


When my next shipment arrives, I’ll share my small scissors collection. I didn’t know the CDT came in black too. Very cool. Mine are raw steel, but no complaints for the price (¥1000).
The STARCK looks like a spearhead.

My best scissors are for the kitchen. Super shears made by Cutco. Phenomenal, heirloom quality. Unlimited lifetime warranty and the company will refinish/sharpen for a nominal fee.

By chance about 20 years ago, I picked up a pair of Mundial desk scissors. Really great quality, made in Brazil. I’d mistakenly thought they were German made. Still going strong. Never had to sharpen these, just a gentle honing once or twice.


Absolutely amazing designs that I can only admire from afar…


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The ̶d̶a̶g̶g̶e̶r̶ scissors look dangerous :-o

Amazing is right! Crazy. Never saw these scissors before. I wonder if they’re vintage, like 1990’s? They don’t look very practical, more like works of art with some function to them. The 3rd (on the right) looks like it could be the more practical to use.

I picked up a few more scissors a while back. The Zwilling H.A. Henckels is terrific. It’s smallish… which is great for a lot of simple tasks. Excellent quality.

The CDT isn’t quite as ergonomic as I’d have liked, but you get used to it. I got mine used and blade edges were still quite sharp. A few scuffs here and there on the metal that buffed out. I like the super low profile - easy to stash for storing.

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I wonder if the CDT scissors was trying to work ‘c’, ‘d’ and ‘t’ into the handles?


I don’t know… to me it looks like ‘d’ and ‘b’ ! :smirk:
I think they were definitely going for an angular look. With scissors, there’s often a larger opening one side for multiple fingers and then one smaller opening for the thumb, unless perfect symmetry is the narrative (as with the two pairs above). They did achieve that without any curves.