I am looking for Pilot The Shaker H-515 green Olive Colour , Pilot The Shaker /2020 H-515 version red colour and Pilot Mini

Hi Knockology Family , I hope everything on your side healthy and safe. Also I wish a happy and successful year to all of you.

I am looking especially for

  • green (olive)color Pilot The Shaker H-515 mechanical
  • same model Red color with Pilot/2020 brand pencil.
  • Pilot mini

New or close to new condition will be accepted. Do you have these pencils or contacts who have and think about selling ? Could you send me mail or message?

Lastly if anyone share info , catalogue and colour range of these three models, I will be apprciated.

I attached the photos of pencils.


Not to be a Debbie Downer, but all of us are out here looking for these exact pencils. As far as I know, nobody has any extras; with that said, I’m curious what others will say in response.

Also, the Mini has been available from a Thai-based seller on eBay for the past 2 years. It’s a terrible pencil that’s impossible to grip, but it looks fantastic.


Rich in knowledge, poor in spares. :pensive:


Which versions do you have ? In addition Is it possible to share your knowledge like info , catalogue and color range of these three models

Is it possible to share your knowledge like info , catalogue and color range of these three models

Seems like Pilot catalogs are rare to find.
The Catalog section has all the ones that we know of.

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I only have the Mini. In Japanese secondhand markets, the Pilot H-515 is one of a handful of pencils that garners extreme attention; there’s basically no chance of getting one of these in good condition for under $100 now (and I think you’re looking at prices closer to $200 per pencil at this point).

The price is bad enough, but the availability is worse. I’ve seen more of these on eBay (8) over the past 3 years than on Japanese secondhand markets (2).

Bottom line? If you really want one of these pieces, you need to pony up the maximum amount of cash whenever one comes available. (I already feel like I’ve missed my reasonable chance to score an H-515.)


I have a black one that has been well used. A little ding on the front tip and all the text has been worn off. I got it with a batch of pencils, and kept it sitting in my desk at work, since it was interesting looking.

If anybody is interested let me know.


First, try searching the available posts? The catalogs section is a treasure trove that many have contributed to.

Ooof. I was back home for a month over Christmas, and my pops let me raid his box of pencils. This is one of the spoils (alas, not planning on selling it - apologies!).

I still need to make a post about his collection.


What a cool discovery—this would make my YEAR :joy:


Weaux!!! :tada:


As close to real life MONOPOLY Chance Card: BANK ERROR IN YOUR FAVOR COLLECT $200


Is this the same seller that advertised those big lots for like $900?

I think it was the person who won one of those at a really overpriced price. The buyer I remember being from Saudi Arabia for some reason


Thanks for the information , I am looking for the olive&green color of this pencil.

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Eventually one always appear: Yahoo!オークション - パイロット pilot 2020 フルフレ シャーペン シ...
May the greatest bidder win.

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Cap is badly damaged, but this thing will still pull a crazy high price.

I feels like that Pilot mini is a ‘Korea Pilot’, but I don’t remember if I have seen any clues

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