How'd I do? 925 05 and 925 07 "3rd gen" [also "1st International"/"2nd gen"]

I just paid a little less than $20 (total incl shipping) for these two Staedtler 925 05 and 925 07. Used but look ok. The 3rd pic in the auction shows the erasers with just a bit of wear on each.

These are my first Staedtlers and this eBay listing seemed to me to be a decent opportunity to check these popular pencils out. 05 & 07 are the lead sizes I prefer in general so I thought this would be a good place to start. Is that price OK? Is this variant worth owning? Any advice?


I think of these as essential to any Staedtler collection… they seem to be in good condition, so I hope you’ll enjoy using them between looking for other members of the 925 family.


Good price, but I really dislike how this 3rd gen debases the previous generations.

There’s simply no comparison between this sad, uninspired tip and the 4mm knurled tips found on the earlier 925 releases.

(Sorry to be that guy, but the knurled tip version is one of my very favorite MPs.)


@pearsonified, if you’re That Guy, well, me too. I triangulate right between you & @drifand on my expectation. Thumbs up: price and Staedtler 925. Thumbs down: soft grip. So I’m looking at somewhere between paradise and perdition.

Hopefully this will at least give me a glimmer of what all the love is about.

Which are your favorite 925 variants? Which would you say is a great value-for-the-money proposition?

(In case I get hooked.)

Qurstion is open to anyone, please weigh in. I’m here to learn.

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I’m a big fan of the 925-95, the grand daddy of the 925’s. It is clear by looking at it that it’s a precision drafting tool. I have an extra one thay I’ll probably sell at some stage.

The 925-85 ‘Regulator’ also has nostalgic value for me, although I’m not sure it’s an objectively good looking pencil. They can still be found for under 40 bucks from time to time.

And then of course, there’s the 925-35, still in production - looots of limited editions and a solid mid range pencil IMO.


First international release of the 925 is my favorite (4mm knurled grip with lovely color-coded lead hardness indicator windows).

The 925 25 is one step up in terms of overall build quality, and for me, it’s on the same level as a rOtring 600.

The 925 35 is the same, except it’s reserved for limited releases.

Most of the interstitial 925s are plastic cheapies, but the top end—the 925 85 and 925 95—are both legendary. Staedtler could have done more with the cool color accents on these pieces, though, but I guess this is where these things are decidedly German :joy:


I have intentionally not purchased the REG due to (i apologize for not remembering their name) a completely scaithing review on r/mechpencils where they dubbed it the “rattler”. I felt their pain of looking forward to a pencil/finally attaining it/ only to feel dejected… betrayed by the actual product in their hands.

I know this lifestyle delevers such realizations ALL too often. But their well describe levels of disappointment left me with ZERO motivation to discover my own truth on the matter…

I apologize for not being able to cite you. But if you happen to run across this, please know you successfully brought another to you side. So, THANK YOU.

REG? What’s that?

STAEDTLER REG 925 85-0X, STAEDTLER 925 line pencil that has lead regulator function and was the flagship after the 95 was discontinued.

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It does have rattle in the cap, but tape fixes it and it’s nowhere near as bad as the reviewer made it seem… But I guess if it was challenging to acquire to me and I held very very high expectations I’d be expecting a bit more? Anyways, the regulator function works superb and the pencil imo is great to use. Design is definitely not the best though, and the grip is on the smoother end (I like it that way though…).


Specious review, IMO. The 925 85 is the nicest pencil Staedtler ever produced; the 925 95 fetches higher prices, but it is NOT a better pencil.

The 925 85 would be the perfect MP if it had cooler color accents.


100% agree


I don’t get it (maybe because I should work now and not think about 925s) :wink:
Of which version do you speak of? I only know the 925 05 in this form, cp.스테들러%20925%20시리즈#s-3.1

Here’s the first international release :star_struck:


The 925-85 is the sleeper. While the 925-95 is coveted for its notably narrow stepped nose cone, a design that appears more attractive, the 925-85 simply has a tapered conical nose cone. Same functionality, though. They are very well made mechanical pencils.

As for the rattle… yeah, you can make it happen if you fidget with your pencil. And a little tape wrapped inside can easily help mute the sound if it’s a nag.

I didn’t realize that Staedtler has changed the 925-25/35 line. I looked on Amazon, and they all look like the previous design. Where is the 3rd generation being sold?


In this context, “3rd generation” may be a misnomer—here are the 3 versions I’m aware of for the Staedtler 925 (which is very different from the 925 25 and 35):

  • Original Japanese edition: All black with chrome plated accents, 4mm knurled tip, no color coding for different lead sizes

  • Original international release: Same as the Japanese edition, but with color-coded lead hardness indicators

  • Current version: Cheap grip and even more cheaply plated tip (this is just a godawful follow-up to one of the most legendary pencils of all time)

As far as I know, Staedtler has never deviated from this naming convention. The 925 25 has always been an elevated drafter, and the 925 35 has always been reserved for limited editions of the 925 25.

And as I stated somewhere upthread, the 925 25 is one hell of a pencil. But I keep talking about the OG 925 because I love it so much.


I didn’t know about the differences in the 925 0x. In fact, I am not sure if I have one at all. The 925 25 always was much more attractive for me.

For me initially 925 25 was silver, and 925 35 nightblue or black. Nowadays the assignment of the LEs to the two model numbers seems arbitrary.


Reg is the best, and I agree with your comment about the colour accents.

I also think the 85 or the 95 in all black would have been killer as a limited edition.


Normal 925 0X was 500 Yen and had a smooth grooved aluminum grip (and was black, with aluminum silver clip, knurl right above the tip and whatnot). 25 and 35 were the same pencil but 25 was silver and 35 black, both costed 1000 yen and are pretty much the same as the modern ones.

925 0X then got updated with logo and modern naming styling along with an international release that had colored lead indicator.

Then it got another update later that is the version posted here.

Btw the 35 became night blue only in 2008 and onwards, earlier models were black (except limited ones of course……).

The ID has images of the different versions of 925 Px and 25/35, although generations is probably a better term.

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Arrived. Properly packed, great conditon, all complete and working smoothly. I don’t hate the grip, so there’s that. I’ll give them a whirl and see how they do.

Nicer-looking in 3D than the pictures made them look. The little “belt” for the lead hardness indicator is especally good-looking.