Hoping for some Mercari advice

Hello all!

I am really wanting to contact a seller in a relatively short period of time. They have some auctions they keep putting up for some pencils I really, really want. I keep missing them. Here’s the last auction: https://buyee.jp/mercari/item/m78276279026?conversionType=Mercari_DirectSearch

I cannot contact the seller directly, it appears, because I’m in the US and I don’t believe I can have a Mercari account. I do my buying through Buyee as a proxy (been good so far). But the contact seller feature doesn’t appear to work through Buyee. Any advice? Basically, I want to reach out to see if they have any left they might be willing to sell me. Best, -Erskine

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Were you hoping to bargain the price down? If yes, it is seldom productive unless the asking price was way high to begin with. Some services like From Japan can handle this kind of communication.

If you’re just wanting to talk to the seller in hopes of finding something specific, I don’t think any of the proxy services will do so. They have no interest in getting involved in negotiations.

Maybe if you were dealing through an actual person in Japan acting as a private proxy… But you’d probably have to pay them a fee just to do that.


Yes, I do not want to bargain the price lower. Only wanted to see if the seller had more available for purchase and, if so, if we could arrange an auction for me to win. I would have paid more than that auction, and the two subsequent auctions from this seller with these Person’s MPs, than they were sold for. I’d be happy to pay a fee to an intermediary as well. As it stands, I can’t think of any way I could contact the seller otherwise. Appreciate your input!

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Search this forum for White Rabbit Express…

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Much appreciated!

Another option