Herlitz pen/pencil set

I have a pen and pencil set from the German brand Herlitz.

I have bought it around 2009 in a store which was closing.

Does anyone know more about it? Are there similar pens/pencils which could give an indication of an OEM, for example?


The Japanese Ueda Dd pro is nearly identical. You should check it out.


Thank you! Yes, they are really almost identical.


I love this! Herlitz, I believe, is a brand focused on schools and students. They are still around and last I checked, they were making ‘ergonomic’ ballpoints and FPs.

But every now and then there will be finds like this, where Herlitz apparently contracted a Japanese OEM to make various items. As @Ok-Satisfaction3135 has pointed out, this set is an all-black doppelgänger of the Ueda DD Pro-1000, which is itself a variant of the Staedtler 025 25 and Platinum Pro-Use MSD-1000 series.

I have also at one time seen a Herlitz branded version of the classic OHTO OP-500 double knock… but I lost the bid.



@drifand @ulfesharpe Thank you for these details! Is Ueda the manufacturer of these pencils or is there another company behind it? I once heard of Peco in connection with the STAEDTLER 925 25/35, but maybe I’m remembering it wrong.

I have only seen these online once, on a competitor to Kleinazeigen (the name escapes me), but by the time I found it, they’d already been sold. Very nice looking set.