Help repairing Sailor MP

Hi guys!
Some time ago I bought a set from Sailor, a fountain pen and a mechanical pencil.
The trouble is that both have their issues. Maybe one of you could help me make the mechanical pencil work.
First the mechanical pencil doesn’t knock. When I unscrew the cap and I knock the mechanism the tip is pushed out of the body. Then I dissmantled the whole thing and tested only the mechanism and it works.
From the other MPs of this kind I have I’m thinking there are at least 2 problems: 1. the mechanism that pushes the tip out of the body; 2. the assembly with the cap is wrong or maybe there’s a piece stuck in the cap.
So this it, what are your thoughts?


This image gave me pause.

  1. The clutch is extended without you having to press down on it. Normally, an intact spring would pull it inwards. If it is extended like that, I suspect the spring is missing.

  2. MOST clutches have a metal retainer ring that slides over the clutch. It could be missing from this pencil.


In the next photo you can see the clutch retracted and the spring is there.

I don’t think this part should be coming off. It is usually held in place by indentations on the lead chamber biting the shaft of the clutch or some sort of threads or maybe a step inside the chamber? That’s probably why the entire tip is coming out when you press the cap. Not an easy repair without the proper tools — and I have no idea what those are.

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That’s weird. I don’t understand why the clutch stays open either. Maybe there’s some lead buildup inside?

About the piece coming off from the metal tube, you could just crimp it a bit yourself, that piece is just friction fit.

The weirdest thing to me is why the tip is coming off in the first place. Those tips usually have two sets of threads, one for the inner mech and another to fix the tip to the body. This one just seems friction fit? Maybe glue that came off? I would try to put some teflon tape around the tip neck so that it stays firm and secure in the body and see if that fixes the issue.

For the fountain pen, if you post some pics of the nib and what issues you found I can try to help.

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It’s common (though not universal) for the tip to be friction fit on older pencils. Unfortunately if they come loose I haven’t ever found a reliable way to secure them again. Usually the barrel has cracked or stretched or some other wear has worked it loose and it’s just never the same again. Locktite might hold it together if you’re gentle with it after, but that might also be considered butchery by someone with expertise in proper repair or restoration. I’m definitely not an expert. :slight_smile:

The lead reservoir itself you can easily crimp back together. I use a brass hammer and steel punch to gently knock a few dimples in the right places.


Thank you all for your answers! I’ll set it aside for a while till I figure this one out.

As they have explained above, it seems that everything is repairable. The amount of locktite should be minimal, a couple of mini drops, one in each side of the cone, the minimum amount, cleaning with alcohol. The lead container tube can be repaired with a couple of micro-soldering points. Everything in pair and micro.

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