Help needed to unveil the mystery of this Sailor Demonstrator

Time to put out my very first question for the experts… :slight_smile:

A few years ago, at a small table in a flea market, I found and bought this pencil (picture below): it seems to me a demonstrator-type 0.5 pushbutton mechanical pencil; on the “golden” ring I can read the words “SAILOR JAPAN FOUNDED 1911” in a vaguely double-struck, serifed font.

I have no further information about the object: I’ve seen pictures of what I consider similar fountain pens and ballpoint pens on the internet, but never stumbled upon the image of a mechanical pencil, hence I even have some doubts about its authenticity. But maybe it’s a very common specimen, jut not one deserving the attention of the community.

To advance the lead, one simply pushes the entire upper cap (til the plastic rim under the “gilt” band), which slides down and triggers the advance mechanism; the cap is screwed securely to the black piston inside the body — the magazine is made of metal, as well as the clip and, possibly, the tip. The inscribed band might be plastic.

I really like the pencil, it is light but substantial, and makes for a nice companion to a few similar items I own (a black Pentel Kerry, a black Tombow “super pen” pencil, and a couple of brushed steel Parkers).

Any help from the connoisseurs to allow me to fill in the blanks? Thank you all in advance! :slight_smile:


Maybe a Sailor Profit demonstrator? I have the ballpoint, seen here with a Reform pencil.


Thanks @drifand, it really seems to match: the finishing and the details all line up correctly. If no other candidates (I mean other pencils) show up, I’ll write down my pencil as a Sailor Profit demonstrator, and call it a day.

I hope I’ll be able to reciprocate your help soon. :slight_smile: