Help identifying some BOXY pencils

Can I get help with the model and when these were sold - and are thse all in the set (am I missing any?)

Edit: bottom pencil on top image is missing the BOXY logo. Have you ever seen one for sale?


The top set is part of the RINGRIP family. The one without the BOXY clip is the original Mitsubishi Uni M5-1100 in steel. It also has a 0.3 counterpart, the M3-1100 that is slimmer and comes with 5 rings at the grip. A ballpoint was also produced. Black versions exist for the 0.5 and BP but not the 0.3 as far as I can tell.

Those with the BOXY clip are the M5-1100 BX. It comes in:
Steel, Black, Bronze, Blue, Silver and Champagne Gold.
The BP was made for the Steel and Black only.
No 0.3 version was made for BOXY.

It is VERY HARD to tell the champagne gold apart from the silver when they are sold or auctioned separately.

Just for fun: there is a separate series of BOXY pencils with very similar colors to the BOXY RINGRIPs.


thank you - so the RINGRIP is M5-1100 BX?

For the BOXY ones, yes.

I’m sorry - not meaning to be dense, but aren’t both of these Boxy?

I saw your post on the r/mechanicalpencils SR that the bottom image is called a BOXY Flicker.

They are all RINGRIP because of the grip design.
Only the BOXY clipped ones are BOXY RINGRIP M5-1100 BX.
The original version M5-1100 is not BOXY branded.

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OK I misunderstood. The one w/o the BOXY logo is a different pencil. Got it.
Thank you

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Any idea when the Flicker and RINGRIP were sold?

I have another one I could use help with.
This one has a beautiful mirror finish.

Edit: found what I was looking for

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Only approximate dates: 1980s to mid-1990s.

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