Help ID-ing this Sailor

Hi guys!
Does anyone have any info about this Sailor mechanical pencil? It’s a double knock and has a clear plastic ring below the gold trim.


This piece is part of Sailor’s cartridge series. It’s not a true double-knock, and you’ll most commonly find 0.3mm instead of 0.5mm (though both are available).

I have like 6 of these things, and I can’t get any of them to work properly. Once I’ve taken them apart, I can’t seem to reassemble them in a way that will “seat” the cartridge. As a result, the tip dangles out when the pencil is not in use :unamused:

Beyond that, I absolutely hate how the tip is not calibrated in an aesthetic way at all. This is evident in your second picture, where the tip sticks out about 3mm too far :nauseated_face:

Some of the designs from the Sailor cartridge series are really cool, but the pencils themselves are totally unusable.


Excessively complex, this cartridge approach attempted to make fine leads in 0.3mm more usable by supporting the entire length of the lead and using a long needle-like impinger to drive the lead from the top half. Beware: the black plastic parts are prone to breakage after decades in storage.


Mine is in pretty good shape, after pearsonified comment i managed to calibrate the tip.
I like the overall design of this pencil.


Apropo strange tips: I unfortunately forgot to bid on this strange thing
It’s a Rexpen Aurograf 8008 (old yugoslavian company).

Looks like a variation of the Sakura Rolleta RS500?

Seems so! Thanks for the hint…

You can also find it as Micro Rolleta