Hello from Knocktype11

I am looking around and trying to figure out how things work here. Is there no grouping of discussions except by tagging like reddit?

Also I am wondering if it is possible to make the formatting a bit tighter. About half of the area of the window is white space. Maybe I missed something in preferences…

There are categories and sub-categories.

Chris suggested using labels as opposed to categories. We’re going to test over the next couple of weeks to see what will work best for us.

Here’s a breakdown of the category structure I have right now.

General Mechanical Pencil Discussion
- Introductions
- Collection Photos and Videos
- Custom and Mods
- Storage and Display

Discussion by Brand
- Pentel
- Mitsubishi
- Other Brands
- Pilot
- rOtring
- Staedler
- Tombow

Knockology Marketplace
- Mechanical Pencils For Sale / WTB
- Miscellaneous For Sale / WTB

Community Help Section
- Proxy Help
- Repairs and Troubleshooting

Off Topic Discussions


Can surely look into that. Can you shoot over a screenshot?

Hola, qué ha pasao? Cuando tenga un tiempito entraré a mirar, saludos.