Group buy of a boxed set?

Hey Collectors,

Anyone interested in a group buy for this box set?

Let me know!


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A little cheaper direct from Mercari if an option for you.


Thanks for the link. Another one not coming up in my usual searches.

I’ve sent a question to my proxy offering to buy a few of them.

Thanks again!


These, and that seller’s other Pentel listings, should come up with a regular “Pentel” search on Mercari Japan. I wonder if there’s some additional filtering in Australia that’s hindering your search results.


I’ve since found it by searching specifically for ‘pd347’ and another listing by searching for ‘pd349’.

I’ve been trying to cast a relatively wide net and simplify my regular searches by searching for ‘pentel pd’. Seems to be effective moat of the time but I just checked again and the listing doesn’t come up in the first 8 pages. Maybe deeper down?

I’m using FromJapan as my proxy.


Oh man. I don’t even want to imagine how much you’ve missed by not searching for simply Pentel or ぺんてる directly on Mercari JP and Yahoo!.

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I do mix it up, just not every day. You’re right though, I know I’ve missed a few along the way. Due to that and not searching regularly enough.

FromJapan does include mercari and yahoo though.

Leaving it at either Pentel or the hiragana version always includes so many other pencils I’m not interested in, so it’s a choice based on a desire for efficiency.

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Interestingly, I just searched for ‘ぺんてる pd’ and the listing that triggered this topic has come up.

Guess that’s my new search from now on.

Thanks for the tip.


That is my daily search on both.

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Seller also has these:

I’d be interested in one of each/either if a group wants to go in on a purchase.

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Hey. The listing says they’re available for ¥1,999 each. Maybe try that?

Haven’t had many takers for the group buy option.

@dry , did you buy these?

Unfortunately, no. I tried to buy 3. I even paid for them. Next minute they sent a refund saying they were no longer available.

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Bummer! Maybe someone will post them individually for sale soon.