Greetings, Knockology!

Hello guys. Glad to have found a forum surrounding mechanical pencils. My interest in mechanical pencils began in elementary school. I remember trading three generic dollar-store MP for a buddy’s Pentel PS535. Wow, that thing was awesome!! It was used from there on out on a daily basis for school until I lost it. Fast forward to 2022, I discovered of S55s on Ebay. I didn’t know of their existence, and it sparked my interest in MP again, hehehe.


Hey @Cummins07 ! Nice to have you here. Great story! A lot of us collectors have a childhood experience that got us into the hobby.

For me it was elementary school and the PD345.

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Oh. And just a heads up. We just recently moved over to this long-form platform. This group has been behind the scenes for the last year and just now moving over to a public channel. Please have some patience as we get ramped up here.

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