Got scammed on twitter

Some of you may remember that I bought two Pilot triangular MPs for 6200 yen directly off a Twitter user (@FF32315)

Well, the package never arrived. He swears that he has “talked with Japan post” and that the package is lost, but I don’t believe him. First of all, JP post losing a package is almost unthinkable to me. It’s one of the most meticulous postal services on earth and after using it extensively I’ve never had any problem with it. He didn’t answer any of my messages unless I pressed him to, and he didn’t provide any proof of shipping (even if there’s no tracking number he could have a picture of the package, a receipt of the stamps…) nor any proof of the alleged search (he claims it was made by phone, but he didn’t want to give me any screenshots of the calls from the phone app).

I’ve decided not to make a big fuss on twitter because, honestly, 6000 yen isn’t worth the trouble for me. This has already been a huge emotional blow to me, as I’m a person that tends to trust other people quickly and I just really wanted to check out those pencils. So I’ve decided to end it quickly, just making a post here so that nobody else “gets a package misteriously lost”.

A few weeks ago I ranted about the “Mercari kids” and how much I despise them, and it’s precisely because of guys like him. The YAJ sellers are fine, the enthusiasts that are trading some pieces they don’t need anymore are also fine. I’ve only had great experiences with them. But what I call the “mercari kids” are lowlife middle schoolers that spend all their free time and money going from shop to shop buying anything interesting and then penny pinching their mercari resales, lying on the listings, uploading bad photos on purpose and then boasting on twitter about their “harvests” and how much money they made each day. That’s already kinda sad, but just scamming people on Twitter since there’s no insurance system in place is truly pitiable.

Anyway, stay safe my friends. Don’t buy from these accounts directly, the 10% mercari fee is worth it.


Sorry to hear! I have been through this a few times myself and like you it’s definitely an emotional blow and makes you question your trust. Ever since, I’ve always insisted on an exclusive Mercari listing when buying from Twitter Japan folks and use PayPal, eBay etc. whenever possible otherwise because of the insurance.


Sorry to hear that, man. Getting scammed is a truly awful feeling.


Man… I’m following that account but saw all those posts to DM for sales etc. But I guess I’m just reluctant to reach out on Twitter… that exclusive Mercari listing method is new to me. Might consider it if I ever get an itch that won’t go away.


Japan post has tracking number for all of their systems, so I also think that is a scam

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There are ointments for that.

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