Garland "Moonshot" Pencil Set 35-P

Hi All, I have a never used boxed set of NASA chosen Garland 35-P “Moonshot” chrome pencils. Apparently these were given to the astronauts to use on all Apollo flights, although these have not been in space:-). I was going to put them up for sale, but I can’t find anything comparable online so I have no idea what to sell them for. Anyone out there with an idea of value? Thanks.


First off… Pictures.

I want to see these.

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$40-50 a piece

I’ll take one.

Edit: this is assuming that there is packaging or labeling that states Moonshot and/or NASA

I’d like to get one from you so that I can make a replica of a space flight one with the Velcro and cord like they did on the flights. And to go with my Skillcraft one…

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Sure. Please see the uploaded photo. I wanted to add more showing the box and card stating that they were genuine as well, but since I’m a new user, I’m only allowed one photo apparently.


Interesting items @Laine; I might want one, but first a question: what is the lead size? Do they come in 0.5mm — or anything equivalent in imperial system, like .020 in — or is it something more like a 0.7mm (which is I think a .036in)? Do they work via a rotary mechanism?

Feel free to add any detail, I’ll try to calculate shipping costs and custom fees to Italy in the meantime (I assume you’re in the US).

Thanks everyone. I’ll offer them up for sale shortly whenever I have a second to gather up the details and figure out the marketplace system on this website. I’ll come back to this post and give a shout once I’m ready.

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Checking in

Hi All, I’ve just put the set up for sale in the marketplace section of this website. I have a correction to what I said initially in this query though…I do not have a set of 35-P pencils, I have a set of one of the Moonshot pencils and a pen in the original box. Should have looked more closely!

Hi threre…just a heads up. I have the set posted in the marketplace section of this website.