FS: Pentel PS1045 - SOLD

I have a Pentel PS1045 for sale. It’s a beautiful piece but does have a small crack that these models suffered from. The crack is super small but I used my macro lens to capture it for you to see.

$50 + shipping


nice. too bad I am broke now. lol
Looks like according to @nimrodd Pentel ID Book, that 1000 Yen tag means its an early model!


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I do not have the exact date that the PS1045 began distribution, so I just list the PS1042 date to start. The last catalogs I have with them in it are the US and Japan 1980 catlogs.

I also do not have a date for the price change. Looking at the model number, I suspect that thte PS1042 was also released at ¥1000 as well, but I have never seen mention of that.


Is it a stress crack from manufacturing that wasn’t detected, or a materials fault that eventually happens simply by aging?

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It’s a common stress point revealed by aging/use.

The lacquer-coated Ohto Piston Sharp SP-20 (black) suffers from a similar issue, as do certain Tombow Exta models (the lacquered ones, not the woodgrain ones).



Luckily this one can barely be seen with the naked eye.

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Good to know about the SP-20. I had thought about making a complete OHTO Piston series collection, but with all of the issues on the SP-5 clear tips suffering cracks (even when looking perfect, just suddenly cracking on you from very light use) I dropped the idea. Then I thought maybe going from SP-10 on up. But if the SP-20 has this kind of fault… meh.

Same piece being sold for a weebit more. No price sticker and I bet if you looked closely it has at least one hairline crack.


Well if nobody here takes a shot at it, I’ll take the pencil. Hit me up in DMs on how to send the moolah.




It’s a nice price. I was quite tempted. You may be able to stabilize the crack with just a touch of solder. Or even some JB Weld.

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