FS: Pentel Kerry Collection (12 pieces)

I have a 12 piece Pentel Kerry set for sale. New. Clear cases included!




Wow. Are these duplicates or are you shedding everything Kerry from your collection?

Also, are you aiming to sell off the whole thing in one lot, or piece-by-piece?

Lastly, where did you get those clear tubes with silver caps? They look terrific!

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I’m actually slowly shedding a good bit of my Pentel collection. I have so much stuff that I’ve enjoyed my time with but it just sits in a storage room.

I’ll probably split that Kerry lot out to individuals soon.

The clear tubes are just from Amazon. A few years ago I put over 3,000 of my pieces in tubes. Now I have boxes and boxes of pencils in clear tubes. What have I done? lol


I hear you! You get on a roll and then accumulate a good deal… but if you don’t have a dedicated display case where you look at them periodically or an elaborate drawer system for occasional viewing and use, it’s just clutter taking up space in storage.

I’ve got a large bureau drawer just packed with vintage pencils and so many I seldom even look at. And a lot of duplicates of vintage pencils/pens of interest. Have to start shedding…

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