Flat Out Cool - OHTO Dagger series

I think OHTO are at their best when they apply a little restraint and don’t let their mechanical brain worm get the best of them. Some of my favorite OHTO designs have been their simpler affairs, like the hex-blended Horizon (now the GS01), the various G-barrel pens, Comet, and the non-Super Promecha designs.

And amongst my top ranked OHTO, the super flat Dagger series sits high up. Nothing whacky. A simple exercise in minimalist styling with just enough mechanical chops to make it work.

The Italy and France flag stickers? No idea why. The Italian connection could be due to the Aurora Thesi from 1974? The french connection? Nada. Chime in if you have theories!


I see some vague resemblance in the form factor (the pocket clip and the tip are not as closely related, though), but it could also be just a casual, promotional device to attract potential buyers. Besides, the French flag is not accompanied by the word “France”, whereas the Italian flag is supported by the imprint “Italy”, possibly showing some difference either in the age, or in the production run. Intriguing mystery.


Managed to locate my Aurora Thesi and do a quick comparison with the Dagger MP.