Finally: my PG-1505

I’ve waited a month and a half for this specific piece. I purchased from a redditor for a pretty sweet price.

I was surprised to find out the 0.3/0.4/0.5 were all different lengths. Quite irksome…

Just thought I would share :D. If anyone has the fourth of the bunch that they would like to sell. Please let me know.

Also, (doubtful, I know) I’ve also been on the hunt for a FFF P-115 if anyone has one of those laying around :sweat_smile:


Congrats dude!


This is probably one of my favorite drafting series. Congratulations :balloon:

Is that a generation one? I have a Gen2 with the hardness indicator ring, and been looking for a gen1 but can’t find one that’s not beat to hell.


Which model are you referring to here?


Probably PG15, but it is at least the double of the price of a pg1505


I have both gens, for the PG1505 you won’t notice a lot of differences, except for the hardness indicator (their grips are almost the same). You’ll notice more difference in the PG2003 (heavier and rougher grip in the first gen).


PG15…. I can’t seem to get my hands on one.

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It has an LEAD HARDNESS (not “pleasantness”) indicator. Luckily all of mine do, and I’m ok with that :sweat_smile:.

My PG-1804 is seems beat to hell. Not from use, but from time(works great though), It’s the only one that came in a box claiming N.O.S…

You are correct on both counts.

Congratulations on this find!

For me, the Accu Graph series is one of the best drafting pencils ever made. However, I wonder why there has never been one in 0.7 mm. – It is unfortunate that the label in the hardness indicator wears off so quickly. On two of my Accu Graphs I have covered it with silver foil so that it doesn’t look quite so ugly.


Recently, one was sold in mercari The price was quite high kkkkkk


I actually retrieved my trio of gen-2 Accugraphs and they were all about the same length. Only the PG15 was a bit shorter due to its button.


Yes…. $200 is my limit for ANY M.P….

I’ve only paid that for 2. Each time it was due to a WANT to have the specific piece instead of its actual VALUE.

$125 is my new max…. I hope :sweat_smile::joy:

That’s what’s bizarre…. I figured they would ALL be the same…. The length of the top/knock cap seems to vary in length per pencil. The 0.5 MUCH more than the other two. But it seems intentional, not a malfunction.

Thank you!

For some reason I have a complete disdain for anything 0.7mm and above…. I actually started collecting only 0.3mm…. But unfortunately, 0.4mms are always awesome/rare. And some awesome pencils only come in 0.5mm.

I was able to get this one for $50, the 0.4mm for $60 and the 0.3mm for $90 (it was my FIRST big M.P. purchase). I actually ripped the sticker off the 0.3mm (:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:). In my defense, it was a upc barcode, not one that ADDs to the M.P…

I’m ALL about obtaining my pencils for way below* normal values.

About the stickers, welcome to the no stickers gang kkkkk. I have all the Accugraphs in the first and second generation (the first first generation of the PG2003 is on the way), I bought them all NOS with stickers and peeled them all off :joy:


shocked ned flanders GIF


Actually, what irritates me the most, is that even if you get two/three pencils making a set, the stickers can sometimes NOT match.

I got the black and grey version of the shark bite pilot ginmo(?)…. Both stickers, turns out, one has a Japan sticker, the other has a NON Japan sticker!

I would have liked them more if no stickers were involved, now they are matching while MIS-matching…

I know that seems like the most juvenile rant, but, come on…. It’s GLARING :joy::sweat_smile::sweat::rofl:


Hahahah we have the same limit. Sometimes I get tempted to break it and buy a 3051FF or 5050 (my grails). Then, I remember the bills waiting for payment kkkkk.

When the first first PG2003 arrives I’ll post a photo of them naked hahahahaha

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