Finally…. I’ve bought my unicorn. H-1585 (seemingly NOS)

Pics of my two new arrivals and the Pilot Family Portrait I am finally able to post… (minus an H-300x… but it’s ok…)

Thee H-1585 and the Grey “Shark Bite” 0.5 shakers


My favorite shaker (the H-1585) :slight_smile:

The ‘shark bite’ shaker is usually called 2020 Gimno Type because the clip and button seem to be derived from the Gimno family. But @pearsonified ‘s 1988 catalog officially lists the name as 2020 Kaku/かく, and as near as I can tell, ‘Kaku/かく / 角’ means ‘corner’ or ‘edge’…


Yes, I was astonished that the shark bite “Gimno” is a shaker, since the Gimno is not …


I just pulled the name “shark bite” out of my ass. As always, thank for dropping the knowledge :clap::pray:

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Same…. Generally I hate the “feature”. You look like an angry psycho if you actually utilize it in public. Moving my thumb to knock is much less involved.

They also remind me of miniature “Shake-Weights” :expressionless:


Nice pickup!
Do you have the H-1085 as well? If so, how do they compare in weight? They certainly look very close in design, exterior-wise.

No, only the H-1083 and 84. I have no desire for the 1085.

…. But!…. Compared to the h-108xs I
do have, I’d say it’s almost double-ish in weight(?). The Shaker mechanism seems quite dense when moving.

Sidenote: I’m surprised pilot went through the effort of making a shaker pencil just for this family while NOT embracing every .mm type.


I think the designers probably started with the 158x as a whole series, then the bean counters stepped in.

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I have to disagree…. If they were concerned about $$$, they wouldn’t have made SOOOO many tacky/ unnecessary version. Those that only became uglier & uglier as a “2020” brand never attempted to create an aesthetically pleasing brand​:face_with_diagonal_mouth::expressionless::face_with_diagonal_mouth::face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow: