Finally acquired, plus an extra with questions

This last one includes a side by side: An Efini 0.5 (I had never heard of this brand before) next to a Fuji Corona 0.5. They are the same, but different.

I stumbled upon the Efini on Buyee for $6, thought I’d grab because it looked cool. Turns out it is a top tier quality MP. So, my questions: What is Efini? How have I never heard of them? Are there more variations on this pencil? Or more models with more variations between these two brands?

ANY info anyone is able to share would help tremendously.


Good to know about the Efini. I also saw auctions and offers of them, but shied away because I was afraid of cheap knock-off stuff …

Oh! And the gold lead came with the Sailor, and to my surprise it isn’t just coated like Colleen Jib’s gold lead. It writes gold.


Probably a gift for car owners.


The knurling is comparable (or better) to the Hi-Uni 2050. It’s insane.

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Interesting, Thank you. Quite the esoteric brand.

I’ll be looking for more. I highly recommend.

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