Film is dead! Long live the film pencils!

It’s just too hard to collect the full line-up of ‘For Film’ pencils from any one maker, so I did a lazy combo on instead.


Here is my collection of the Pentel P200 family For Film.

The only one I know I am missing is the PF509.

Still trying to get a Graph For Film.


I believe I only have one or two film pieces. I’m jumping on this wagon.


Appreciate the detailed breakdown - I think I’ve seen the PF50x around and recall being vaguely confused by the non-sliding tip design. Can confirm my 337 has the black stopper (no pin) instead of an eraser, and no molded lead size on the body.

My Castell Filmar comes with a hard green eraser, while the Pilot has a typical pink eraser. Both include cleaning pins. So, it would seem only Pilot made 0.3 for film… but I’m in no rush to find one.

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Even the PF339 did not have a sliding sleeve, only the .5 & .7 versions. I don’t believe Pentel made a 0.9mm sliding sleeve for the P200 series.

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2 Film pencils and one “Non-Repro” P1040715 | Pencils "for film" For more information on the fi… | Flickr

The Micrograph I sold some time ago.

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Do you still have the PNR9?


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Could you take a good clean picture on a white background, so I can add it to the Pentel ID Book. The picture I have is distorted.

I can try, but not before new year (I guess there is no hurry involved here).

That should be fine. I may try to push a new version out between Christmas and New Year, but I can hold that for a later update.

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