Film is dead! Long live the film pencils!

It’s just too hard to collect the full line-up of ‘For Film’ pencils from any one maker, so I did a lazy combo on instead.


Here is my collection of the Pentel P200 family For Film.

The only one I know I am missing is the PF509.

Still trying to get a Graph For Film.


I believe I only have one or two film pieces. I’m jumping on this wagon.


Appreciate the detailed breakdown - I think I’ve seen the PF50x around and recall being vaguely confused by the non-sliding tip design. Can confirm my 337 has the black stopper (no pin) instead of an eraser, and no molded lead size on the body.

My Castell Filmar comes with a hard green eraser, while the Pilot has a typical pink eraser. Both include cleaning pins. So, it would seem only Pilot made 0.3 for film… but I’m in no rush to find one.


Even the PF339 did not have a sliding sleeve, only the .5 & .7 versions. I don’t believe Pentel made a 0.9mm sliding sleeve for the P200 series.


2 Film pencils and one “Non-Repro” P1040715 | Pencils "for film" For more information on the fi… | Flickr

The Micrograph I sold some time ago.


Do you still have the PNR9?


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Could you take a good clean picture on a white background, so I can add it to the Pentel ID Book. The picture I have is distorted.

I can try, but not before new year (I guess there is no hurry involved here).

That should be fine. I may try to push a new version out between Christmas and New Year, but I can hold that for a later update.

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I possess both incredible respect and pure dumbfounded-ness for your love/dedication of/to this model of mechanical pencil. Bravo.

I only thought there was one version of the pentel… i should have known haha.