Fascinating Stories of Offbeat Obsessions

Since most of us here are collectors some of these stories are fun reads.


Those hobbies are WEIRD. Collecting mechanical pencils makes logical sense. :wink:

They are Actually none of those is all that weird. I have a collection of hobbies which is far more niche than any of these.


Care to share?

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Mostly collecting Sun workstations, lizards, and Unix versions. Add Curling an extreme croquet and that pretty much rounds out the set.


I don’t find that to be weird at all. Someone once said “the network is the computer”. He wasn’t wrong.

How many lizards do you have?

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For those of us with an unhealthy attachment to our obsolete physical-format audio storage devices, Amanda Petrusich’s “Do Not Sell At Any Price” is a very entertaining read. In one escapade, Amanda takes SCUBA lessons so she can hunt for a legendary 78 trove that was rumored to have been dumped into a river.

You gotta love the commitment.

Since writing “DNSAAP” Amanda has gone on to be the New Yorker’s chief popular music critic and her contributions to the mag are generally outstanding. She lives somewhere near me but I have been unable to entice her with offers of picking up the coffee tab so far.

For those keeping score, I have zero lizards.