Faber Castell DS15L disappointment

So I got a DS15L in very good condition for just under 20 euros shipped. Looks nice, feels nice in the hand, just the right amount of weight and grip, but the knocking felt unrefined, clunky and inconsistent. Took it apart for cleaning, turns out it has a brutish plastic clutch…FFS, even 1 euro Chinese P205 copies have brass. Very disappointing on what is otherwise a high end classy product.


Wow that is indeed unexpected…

I think it was all part of the higher level thinking back then, that it was the age of plastics and parts could be just as functional (if not as durable) when molded instead of casted and machined.


Nice words. I’d rather resume this decision in one word: hubris.

Which other Faber Castell products of that era featured plastic clutch? I vaguely remember reading somewhere on the internet that the Castell Pro also had it?

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crazy snap!

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The same can be said of the DS45.

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