Faber Castell DS 75

A Faber Castell DS 75 I ordered just arrived!
Here are some photos!


How is the condition? It’s so difficult to find one without scratches and bleaching of the gold parts …

Theres some really small scratches on the gold plating and body but I have to look really hard to find them. I guess it is to be expected since the seller said it was sitting in a drawer for 30 years. No bleaching of the gold though.

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Ah, I think I saw the auction… good price, I considered buying, too :wink:

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Haha, it was an Ebay buy it now, but it was a great price (69 Euros).

I think the DS 75 is underappreciated. Even though it is the predecessor to the alpha and tk matic, I do not think it is inferior.


Certainly a worthy acquisition! Congrats! I suspect it is only because so may of us just gravitate toward the more mechanistic styling of the Alpha/Tk-matic that we the DS75 stays in our collective blindspot.


Exactly, it was a German ebay offer.

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