Eagle Turquoise ‘Twenty’ - a beautiful dead end

I’ve been bingeing on Eagle / Berol for a while and bit the bullet to seek out the color ‘button’ variations for the ‘Twenty’ Holder… their first foray into 0.5mm territory.

The beautiful chromed design is reminiscent of the Pentel PS1042/5 and also the matching 20μ silver plated ballpoint. Mechanically it is similar to the fabled Uchida Drawing Sharp series.

However, twist mechanisms that fed super fine leads from the front were soon overtaken by more effective ‘automatic’ click-advance designs. I’m just glad these got made.


I have the red one, really love it, it looks great, the glare it has, they should have called it Excalibur, this pencil looks like an intergalactic ship from the future. I left it outside the case and I left the case itself outside the plastic wrap, because it shrinks and breaks the case. What do the colors of the twist button indicate?

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I think these colors are to help the user easily differentiate between different leads in use. However, I don’t think the colors are tied to any particular lead hardness (I could be wrong).

Eagle’s 3375 and 3377 lead holders also came with variations in the colored ends.

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Wow, gorgeous pieces! I am afraid they are complete unobtainum here …


Just saw this on X from dratex … but I don’t know if Eagle followed a similar color coding.

:black_circle: = HB
:red_circle: = 2H
:green_circle: = F
:large_blue_circle: = B


They do show up on ebay, often under 50 USD…