Dyson Sphere 🤤

Got my Dyson Sphere pin in. If you know, you know.

So cool!


The lecture starts for “How to Build a Dyson Sphere,” and one guy in the audience raises his hand.

“Wouldn’t the technique for how to procure enough raw materials in order build a Dyson Sphere be a prerequisite? I didn’t see it in the syllabus.”



First exposure for me: RINGWORLD
Most recent: MATTER by Iain M. Banks (RIP)


Larry Niven – Ringworld Engineers
Fascinating concept. Far more tenable than a full Dyson’s sphere.

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Yeah… Niven did good using SF license to create ‘Scrit’ - the fictitious base metal that could handle the stresses of a rotating multi-million mile long ring in space. Banks simplified the premise by not having a ring spin around a sun, instead having smaller ‘orbitals’ placed in a planetary orbit. Loved both authors!

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Interesting as is might be, I have to dismiss the whole Dyson Sphere concept as ridiculous, and I venture to say that Dyson likes his hallucinogens- he be tripping. Even a Type I civilization is untenable, much less the harnessing of a star’s full power. ‘Raw materials’ are just not available. How close to a star could a civilization build? Can’t get too close, the builders would die and the structure would fry. Build the sphere with a radius out in the habitable zone? Sure, but even a sphere that size that is as thick as heavy duty aluminum foil would have a mass of 37.582 Quintillion pounds. Yeah- thats two Phobi and one Deimos combine (if they were 100% Aluminum). Doesn’t seem like a lot? that sphere is only .08 inches thick. How thick and sturdy must a sphere be to have a radius of 95 million miles and not collapse the first time the Sun has a hiccup? Maybe an engineer can calculate that. Here’s to tripping cosmologists… cheers.


I just view it as an exercise of an enormous hypothetical premise. Not only would it never be possible, it just doesn’t make any logical sense. A far more practical premise would be an artificial moon.