Does anyone here collect Vintage-Antique Pencils?

Hello, I have been seeing all newer pencils here. Does any here deal with primarily pre 1960s pencils , esp advertising pencils . Thanks


I wouldn’t say they’re a primary interest for me, but they are a significant one. I’ve collected several hundred autopoint, durolite, eversharp, scripto, and other less dominant brands of the era. I’m generally not after the ads themselves (if any) but when I see one I like I’ve bought it. Some of them have no manufacturer mark and I have no idea who produced them. Most of these are circa 1910 to mid-60s. I think I have only one 19th century; it’s a lead holder/dip pen combo.

I’ve been tempted to post some of my collection but I don’t really have a good display or even elegant storage solution yet. Right now I keep most of them in individual tubes, those stored in A4-sized plastic boxes, which are then consolidated in 64L plastic tubs, arranged like portable bookshelves. It’s intended to keep them from getting dinged or scratched if jostled, as a primary consideration, but it’s not much to show off. Last I counted I think I had a little over 3200 pencils so for displaying it might be a little bit of a scaling problem.


That’s impressive :sunglasses: