Do AI dream of mechanical pencils?

Ok, so AI powered generative ‘art’ is a divisive topic. But the tech is not going away and I wanted to see how well Google Gemini understands physical objects, accepted forms and descriptive styles. I asked Gemini to generate ‘metal mechanical pencil that could have been inspired by the works of (name of famous designer), and here are the somewhat better examples that it came up with:

Charles Eames… classic mid-century American furniture designer

Henry Dreyfuss… Streamline Art Deco era

Le Corbusier… post modernist architecture

Frank Lloyd Wright… a touch of art decor to classic modernism

Luigi Colani… nonconformist ergonomics

Philippe Starck… sleekly romantic

Karim Rashid… flamboyant excess


Follow up: just one hour after my little experiment, Google has (temporarily?) removed Gemini AI’s ability to generate images. Probably due to ongoing public furor over the built-in guidelines regarding representations of human ethnicities. Oh well.


CapCut is a free video editing software that has text to image capabilities.
I was playing around the other day, having it create images of broccoli kaiju


The Frank Lloyd pencil looks phenomenal!


I find it interesting that some of the resulting pencils appears to be 0.5mm or 0.7mm while others appear to be 2mm lead holders. I find myself more drawn to lead holders, so to see this it is exciting to me.


The middle image is amazingly terrifying….


I’m pretty sure that’s how seven year old me saw broccoli.

the last one looks like Meatwad from Aqua Teen Hunfger Force :smile:

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It’s amazing how apt they are, yet so incredibly different. Three completely different vibes.

What a cool experiment. Thank you for sharing.